Riding the Rio Grande Part 2 of 2

First I want to welcome you all back and thank you for checking out part 2 of this multi part series. So we left off in the Ogden UT, yard waiting on our train to take us to Roseville CA. I can’t remember what time we rolled out but It was sometime well into the darkest hours of the night. The train took off charging 60-70mph in no time and and before I realized it, we were on a one lane track heading west across the middle of Salt Lake. The following photos were taken after the lake in the Western Utah Desert.

The next day I really dropped the ball on shooting. I woke up to a sunrise somewhere in Nevada, and shortly after that we were riding into the Sparks Nevada yard headed west into California and more specifically Donner Pass in Tahoe. This is where I really regret not shooting more. To be honest, after the shit in Colorado, and a couple close calls already while coming into Tahoe I just laid low and wanted to get to Roseville. There’s no question that part of the Overland needs to be redone.

Hours later we finally arrived in Roseville so we made our exit off the moving train short of the Rainbow Bridge. I gotta laugh at the homies (with the exception of Tyler) for busting their asses when the weight of their packs flipped over their heads after they hit the ground running. With most the crew limping and bleeding we made our exit from the tracks and scoped our surroundings using the most current and cutting edge traveler technology… iPhones. We were able navigate our way to Sacramento using the bus system. After a quick stop for some master mix behind a thrift shop, we boarded our final bus to SF. While we were there we enjoyed the finest lodging $0 could afford, hit a pretty cool roof, the homies climbed the Bay Bridge, and so much more then I included in this 2 part series.

I really hope you enjoyed this series. I encourage you to leave feedback or any constructive criticism to my blogs. Writing has never really been a strength, however, it’s a muscle I’m working on building. All the photos in part 2 were from my a7ii.

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