Riding the Rio Grande Part 1 of 2

Last summer the boys and I met up in Denver to ride the Rio Grande route west to Roseville, CA and then ending in SF. The following is mostly a photo journal of that trip in a 2 part series. Welcome to part 1. We all piled in an Uber and were dropped off in a neighborhood by the catch out around the 20th of April. After a nights sleep under the bridge we caught our train and were finally heading west.

Guy sleeping under train bridge, waiting to catch train

We were headed through Denver’s northwestern sprawl and into the foot hills of the Rockies. It was perhaps not the most ideal weather conditions we could have hoped for. Gray skies gradually turned darker and it started to to sprinkle. Sprinkling became rain, then from rain to snow. Aside from that things were going great until 2 of the homies decided to be fucking cowboys and surf the top of a grainer. In retrospect it’s no surprise the train stopped and we were removed in Rollinsville, just short of the Moffatt Tunnel.

The Police brought us to Nederland were we grabbed a hotel room and figured out our next move. We decided to hitch to Grand Junction and get back on the train. So much for riding the Rio Grande route but we were determined to get to SF. The night was spent enjoying our Gucci Palace hot tub and shitty beer.

After a few lucky rides, and a bus we arrived in Breckenridge for Tyler’s birthday. The next day was my golden birthday and it was spent hitchhiking from Silverthorne to a cosy drainage ditch in Gypsum where we spent the night with more shitty beer. The following day we split in 2 groups and made it to Grand Junction. We spent 2.5 days waiting for our train. During our stay we indulged in shitty dabs, and alcohol brought to us late night via Craigslist. On the 3rd night we decided to climb into a gondola and go to sleep. We woke up the next morning to the air brakes and train jetting forward. Onward to SLC!

After a clean getaway from the Roper yard we went into SLC for the night, we hit some bars trying to find anything going on. Nick and I found a bando downtown so we all slept on the roof. The next day was spent hanging out with Tinder girls all while being brought around SLC. On the 3rd day we left for Ogden where yet again another Tinder girl came to chill at the Catch out. We spent the evening drinking and waiting for our hotshot to Roseville!

I hope you enjoyed part one, the photos are a mix of digital and film.

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