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On The Road Again...

The reason for the trip was to drive a Uhaul from Pueblo Colorado to Southern Oregon and It took place in March. At that point it had been 4 months of sitting on the couch recovering from the accident. My two friends that I'm extremely fortunately to have, Lakshmi and Mike providing me an opportunity to get out of the house was music to my ears. To be completely honest with you, I was a bit nervous considering what happened last time. However, if I have learned anything from my 16 years of skating it's that I had to pick myself up, dust myself off and try it again. If I didn’t do that as fast as possible I knew how easy it would be to become fearful and at that point, it’s easy to psych yourself out. For me this exploring and traveling shit runs so deep that the only way it will stop: my last breath. Casting negative thoughts aside I was on my way to Pueblo to load up the Uhaul.

Leaving from Fort Collins the following morning I took 287N towards Laramie WY and on into SLC where I stopped for the night. The way there was as you could imagine… pretty uneventful. I did find an abandoned mill that I stopped to check out. Mills are all pretty much the same, if you have seen one you have seen them all.

It’s a little fucked up to say but I got really good at making photographs while driving during this trip, and I really do mean making.. One eye in the view finder while the other on the road. For those that may be confused why I always say “making” photos vs “taking” photos, let me explain. In short, 99% of the photo’s I make there is a whole thought process. I choose if I want motion or not, shallow or deep DOF, then depending on those settings I choose an ISO that will allow those to work together for my total exposure to which I always check my histogram. After the technical settings comes composition. I 99% of the time compose the frame in my view finder. I make sure there’s clean edges, I put the TOOL of 3rd’s and the fibonacci Spiral into play, and I choose what to include or remove from the frame. If photography philosophy is something that interests you and you only have 10 minutes of free time left to spend in your day, I would rather you ditch this blog and follow the link to watch National Geographic’s Sam Abell talk about this topic.

The next morning, I started driving west from SLC on I-80 where I went passed the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats and had to stop. For those not familiar, the Flats are whats left from the prehistoric Lake Bonneville that was formed 32,000 years ago and held water over 1,000 feet deep and is said to cover 20,000 square miles. Thats nearly as large and deeper than Lake Michigan. It’s also home to numerous land speed records. The area was slightly flooded due to heavy rains which was interesting to see. I got a photo and kept moving west to Winnemucca NV, where I took HWY 95N for a short time until I made the left turn onto HWY 140. This area was really beautiful and I stopped to make a few photos. A little further down the road I saw an abandoned building and figured why not stop? To my surprise, I found a character done by the local artist Kater (@Katerthealchemist) from my home town of Minneapolis MN. How random? I wandered in the desert here for a little bit to find skulls or any souvenir’s but turned up nothing. I pressed on until arriving in a small town named Lakeview OR, where I stopped for some grocery store sushi.. NO shame in my game. I drove for a little longer until stopping in the town of Bly OR, for the night.