Off Days In The Emerald Triangle

The title pretty much sums up this whole thing. For those that aren't hip to whats going on, we can safely just assume this was a short trip to hangout with people I don't get to see that often. The short trips take place between the Southern part of Oregon, and then down to Dunsmuir California.

A friend out there let us use an old truck to drive around and check out the Siskiyou National Forest. We found a random road that brought us to some awesome views of the Illinois River.

On a 2nd outing another friend offered to drive us down to Black Butte for a night and then into Dunsmuir to hangout a bit the next morning.

Catching a show in the middle of the woods. The band is playing in an old boxcar that's been repurposed into a rad little venue. It doubles as an amazing museum / art gallery of sorts with current and historical significance to railroad culture.

Later that night I ended up sleeping in here as well.

The next morning I woke up in the boxcar and wandered around the area. Checked out a cool structure that has decades of monikers left behind from travelers, and artists alike.

We got back in the car and went south to Dunsmuir to grab some breakfast, check out antique stores, and wander in the woods.

Driving past the expired volcano Black Butte.

The rain followed us south to Dunsmuir where we wandered in the woods to end up at this super rad waterfall spot.

Shout out's to Skumfuck Slick for being the ace road dog.

After this photo we drove back to where we came from.

The End

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