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The Inspiration Blog - Part 1

Even after I draft an outline of things I want to talk about or mention, starting is always the hardest part. I’m not even talking about the physical act of writing, it’s more like, where the fuck do I begin? I want to get into a topic that I feel gets glossed over or one that is simply not addressed. In what follows in this 2 part series I will first go into some detail about the what and who that inspires my work. In the second half I want to talk a little more about the why I do it, and why I choose to Iive my life the way I do. I think there could be some take aways for you the reader, but also for me, the artist. I feel a process like this will force me to be introspective and actually dissect my work to the point where I can learn something about it and maybe about myself as well.

21 stair 180 attempt Chicago, IL at Windy City Riot circa maybe 2002-06

Photographer - Unknown

Ao soul St Louis Park, MN - 2009?

Photographer - Andrew Murray

Top soul triple transfer St Paul, MN 2008 maybe?

Photographer - Andrew Murray

Full true mizue rewind 360 out - i4i contest St Paul, MN 2001?

Photographer - Unknown

Sporting a broken wrist for a Nimh skates promo/cover photo for an interview I did - 2009?

Photographer - Andrew Murray

To start things off at the absolute beginning, growing up I was actually heavily on the other side of the camera. I would be filmed for skate video sections, online edits, at contests, and having photos taken of me for potential magazines and promo. Perhaps some of that influenced me, but at minimum it exposed me to the craft. Nearly 6 years ago I picked up my first DSLR at age 25. To be honest the reason I got the camera was actually for video. I was moving to Vail, Colorado and I wanted to be able to film myself and friends snowboarding. I started off with a Nikon d3100 with a fisheye and kit lens. I remember I had spent hours studying and writing out the exposure triangle so I could shoot manual mode as soon as the camera arrived. I’m kind of a nerd like that. I had a few weeks before the move so I decided to take my camera along on some exploring missions. Pretty soon I realized I was completely enamored by photographs, the act of taking them regardless of the subject matter. It was all I could think about, I literally thought everything was a potential picture back then.

First photo I ever took after getting my Nikon d3100.

Side note: I realize the 2 photos above are still subjects I enjoy shooting, however I’ve deleted all other photographs from around the VERY beginning.

Fast forward those nearly 6 years and I can definitely see my style and subject matter have changed, as would anyone’s, I hope. No longer do I