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Endless Nights Under The NYC Lights

Welcome back to another one of my photo journals! The who includes: My homies Joe: @Sportynice11, Christian: @Tremulant, and Emil: @emltbll. If you are unfamiliar, I suggest you check out their Instagram accounts. What was I doing there? Well, it’s been 3 years since the last time I visited NYC so I figured I was overdue. As for the why, it should be mentioned that 70 Pine, and the iconic abandoned City Hall Station were huge reasons for the trip, more on those later.. With the particulars out of the way lets get this going.

In September I arrived at La Guardia around 11:30pm and it all started. After landing, I hit up Christian (He’s from Vegas but was spending the month out in NYC) and set plans to meet up later. I took a cab to Brooklyn to my Air B&B that never ended up happening but in retrospect, it was all for the best. After waiting around for awhile I decided to start walking towards the Manhattan Bridge where we planned on meeting. After dodging and hiding from workers cleaning the road directly below us, we arrived at the top. I wanna note this was the first suspension bridge I’ve climbed on the East Coast. I was ecstatic. After getting some long exposures we decided the only option was to wait another hour for sunrise. We hid down below until the time was right. We popped out the hatch to see a pretty cloudless sunrise. The first of many cloudless sunrises/sunsets during my visit. We got some shots quick then I decided to climb 1 of the 4 balls on the top before we made a very quick get away.

We got down, walked back to Brooklyn to get some coffee and went our separate ways with plans to meet up later. I decided to head back into Manhattan to get some sleep in Washington Square Park. On the way back over the bridge I saw a guy shooting and struck up a conversation. We ended up walking to the well known 9th St Path Station to shoot the stairs. He is a world traveler and his name is Mike: @Mike7_Photography. After which we parted ways and I ended up in W.S.P for that nap I was looking for. A couple hours later I woke and went on a hunt for spiral stair cases. After exhausting some resources and not coming up with much, I decided to consulted Google.

After wrapping up at Barney’s I decided to head to Times Square to see if a roof I was on 3 years prior was still open. To my delight, it was. Years earlier we got chased out before I got any photos so I always felt some type of way about not getting anything from it. It was pretty bright still but on the cusp of sunset so I decided to get down and come back 30 mins later. The outcome was moodier, plus a cloudless sunset.

After getting down to street level and watching the spectacle that is Times Square, I met back up with Christian and was introduced to Emil. We got some $1 slices and decided to hit another roof near by. After shooting the popular vantage point we decided to try and get higher up (the lights/roof go up another maybe 60-80ft). To our knowledge, it hasn’t been done by local photogs, which had extra appeal. If i’m wrong, my bad… I just haven’t seen any of the heavy hitters posting it. I’m sure glad we figured it out because it was one of my favorite roofs of the whole trip.