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63 Hours In The Loop

The following took place during the month of August on my latest trip to Chicago. The whole reason I was in the Chicagoland area was due to my girlfriend’s brothers wedding. I can honestly say every aspect of this trip went to perfection and I couldn’t be happier. Meeting her brother and extended family was great and we all really got along. The wedding was nice, small, and without any mind numbing religious nonsense. Parting ways from Sam’s extended with claims that I’m already in the family is, dare I say, a good sign… The first of many victory’s to come.

Day 1: After being dropped off at the Metra station about an hour west of the loop I made it to Union Station around 4pm and met up with Johnny, (@Johnny_Meant) Joe, (@Sportynice11) Tatiana, (@Tat_Ventures) and Stephen (@Atavism) for what a was gonna be pretty wild 63 hours in The Loop.

Day 2: Next day after leaving the hotel Johnny and I stopped at this spot across the street, then were off to Wildberry. A pause needs to be made for the unfuckwithableness that is Wildberry. If anyone from Wilberry reads this and wants to give me a free breakfast for the shout out that’d be legit.