Deschutes River Route

This outing with the boys took place back in May, just a few weeks after I arrived in the Bay Area. We drove north to a small train town where we arrived in the early morning and found a trackside spot to camp.

Mt. Shasta

S-curves near Black Butte.

Selfies while speeding along the lonesome crowded west.

Arriving in the town where we needed to switch train lines, and partook in what some could only allege as loitering in the Walmart parking lot.

A big thank you to The Broadcaster and Railgons for the rad spot to hangout while we waited for our train to pull up.

Mark surfing a few train cars back.

13.0 second hand held exposure while moving really slowly.

0.4 Second exposure over the Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge. As soon as we arrived in the yard, we saw our next train leaving so we immediately boarded and were heading back in the same direction we just came from.

Blue hour along side the Deschutes River.

Sleepy boiz.

When the acid is hitting hard...

The classiest of trackside meals while we waited for our train back to where we originally started. I didn't shoot anything after this as I was super tried from the trip, and have shot that section enough times, plus there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

The end.

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