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A Year In The Life (Favorites from 2019)

I’m having a bit of trouble writing this blog so I’m going to switch the format to thoughts about different topics I’d like to touch on.

Thoughts on van life / Living in NYC

Normally when I start writing these I’m at a coffee shop but this time I figured I’d start it off in the van. Dorothy is her name, and she’s been wonderful here in NYC for the past 8 months. The decision to move into a van was actually a really easy one to make in that I knew it was going to happen for quite awhile, I just didn’t know when. The summer had a couple real humid nights which made for tough sleep and a couple cold mornings so far but as I write this, I haven’t had to zip my sleeping bag once.

The main questions I get about van life in NYC are where I shower, park, and go to the bathroom so I want to answer those questions. For the shower, my job has one with exceptional water pressure, so during my 4 day work week I use that. On my days off, I just shower at friends houses. For parking, I either go to Sunnyside, Queens which is very easy or else in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in which case I drive around for 30 mins looking for a spot. Living out of a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with blacked out windows allows me to keep a low profile so no matter where I park there’s nearly no chance of anyone being suspicious. For bathrooms, since I don’t look like a deadbeat, I can pretty much go into anywhere and use one so there’s never really an issue there. I do keep a jug in the van if there’s some late night situation.

These are in no specific order other than separated between color and BW.

(^Cropped or Straightened)

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