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Preface: I originally had the idea to make this blog about my final 21 days in Denver but I’m going to open it up and write about my 3.5 years there and what led up to leaving the place behind and starting down a path of minimalism while trying to live a life with purpose and joy.

I’m writing this after the fact. The reason for that is two fold. I was much too busy during my final day’s there to have created this. Also, I wanted to give it a little bit of time to let everything settle so I could look back and write about it with fresh eyes, and be less emotionally attached to what was going on. Regarding my last blog, a friend said “of all posts, I think this one has the potential to open up and really share about your life”. The plan was for this to be that blog.

It all started back in 2015, April 20th to be exact. I moved from my hometown of Minneapolis, MN to Denver, CO to stay on a friends couch. This wasn’t just any ordinary friend, this is someone I’ve known since kindergarten. He was in a not so great situation with a then girlfriend. He needed a homie and I needed a change of scenery. I came out and stayed on the couch in his 1BR (for a cool 4 months or something) until the lease was up and we got our own spot. Moving out there seemed so exciting, and so full of opportunity. Shortly after arriving I got introduced to most everyone in the photo community at the time. I quickly figured out many were just following the IG movement and shooting because it was the thing to do. Being an introvert since graduating High School probably didn’t help my cause, but perhaps people took that some sort of wrong way. Needless to say I didn’t make any friends right away. Still unknown to me then, this was going to be a trend throughout my entire time there.

Right away my ego wanted to take the local photo scene by storm and I suppose thats arguably what happened. Shortly after arriving, Brandon and I along with 18 (I think) other local more established photographers were put in a well known local publication called the Westword as the top IG accounts within the state of Colorado. I was put on with small local collective of street photographers nowadays I don’t feel like naming. My “friendship” with them as I would find out was pretty one sided. When there was something to be gained from me, I was included or hit up but that turned out to be about it. However, I have to admit they included me in 2 local gallery shows, but even at the function I was the odd man out. Since these were the only folks that seemed committed to photography, I brushed it off for a while and tried to fit in.. Like a fucking idiot. It was within the first year that the tone was pretty much set for what the next 3.5 years were going to be like. Also, it’s worth mentioning that there’s really no one there that does Urbex past the point of it being a trendy thing to do. Fuck. I was really on my own…